Being a duo has advantages over a 4-piece band...

Such as:

1. We take less time to setup and pack away
2. We can play at small private functions
3. We can cover a wider range of music
4. We need less space to play in
5. Less audio feed back
6. We cost less to book!

Both of us play and sing. Our instruments are guitars, saxophones and keyboards so we can have the right sound for a wide range of songs. We took months to record our backing tracks, using the latest recording gear. They are recordings of instruments played by us. So when we go on stage everything you hear came from us. We also took great care to make our set authentic in terms of the live sound.

We play to our strengths as musicians but are sure to play the original tracks as the original artists played them, or using our own style, the “Sorted” sound to enhance them. We recorded using 24-bit studio quality technology, and produce a natural modern sound. But if you listened to some of our
free tracks you already know that!

We bring our own light show, and can also play interval/background music from a selection of thousands of tracks.